April 2011

Long way..The wayback

Long way..

The wayback machine helped me finding, when the UAE bounty has been opened. Quite a while ago:

November 8, 2003. Two new bounties, #7 (UAE intergration) and #8 (CD ISO Improvements) have been added to the TeamAROS Bounty list.

Posted by: damocles on November 20, 2003

Bounty completed!Power2people agreed

Bounty completed!

Power2people agreed, that the bounty is completed, so I put a label v1.0 on Janus-UAE and released it at the AROS-archives. V1.0 is just a relabeled and recompiled v0.9, so there are no bug fixes/new features in there.

I already received the bounty money, which leaves me to thank all donators. The money will be spent for our next family vacation.