June 2012

A4000: Installing Indivision AGA mk2

Hey peepz, long time no see, but I had a really good excuse :)
On 26th of May my lovely daughter was born and for that matter I was fully devoted to her and my wife :)
I'm really happy that everything worked out just fine, and that a new girly Amigan was born.

Anywayz... this weekend I found some time between her sleeps to tinker my lovely A4000 and my newly acquired Indivision AGA mk2 (for A4000/CD32).
Many have already made some reviews and troubleshoots via the known forums but here I will present my own POV.

So, this is what the package includes

Janus-UAE v1.2 released

Nearly a year after 1.1 was released, I found the time to fix some of the v1.1 bugs. Some of them appeared because of recent AROS changes and bug fixes. There are no new features in this release.

Bug fixes:

God Save the Queen

Thank you dear Queen Elizabeth II that Your Majesty has birthday, just like us, puny humans do. Even if it is not on this day yet we got a day off to celebrate in New Zealand too. (Well, logic is not a strong point of human society.)

So, I decided to celebrate Her Majesty's birthday by doing some coding.

The update is a little bit short and not too interesting, just a couple more instructions implemented: