November 2016

Amiga 500 Vampire in action

Here’s a video of the Vampire 500 board on an Amiga 500, surfing the web with the latest Netsurf 3.6 by Arti (there is another Netsurf 3.6 by Chris, author of the OS4.x version of Netsurf)


Amiga x5000 Amiga OS4.1 FE update #1 Announcement

It appears that Hyperion has made enough progress on OS4.1 for X5000 to make an announcement. See this –> link <—.

This appears to be just enough to get the OS working on the X5000.  There is no mention of extended features, as there was also an announcement that a full update for all OS4.1FE users will be available by the end of the year.  Let’s hope that happens.

Bug fixed (hopefully)

Not much progress on WinUAE on AROS the last months.. why?

I never got the harddrive tab working reliable. Adding a new harddrive with the gui always resulted in a TLSF memory allocation error and I had no idea, why. The pool was damaged somewhere..

So I searched and debugged for .. many hours. Too many, so I always stopped hunting for the bug after maybe 5 hours and gave up. And restarted weeks later. And restarted.. and the last start was finally successful :-).

Upgrading the Apollo 1240 to 1260

Well next card in the series how to upgrade different 68040 cards to 68060, it is time for the Apollo 1240.

First, As Jens schönfeld ( Individual Computers ) owns the rights of the Apollo cards, I asked him for permissions especially when this requires a ROM change.  he told me that I was allowed however only if I publish a diff..

But he also pointed out that he does not like the Apollo. This is no news but this is what he told me:

Prisma Megamix and X-Surf 100 on A4000

My apologies for the delay in blog posts but work has been very busy lately and I have had very little free time. This week though I took delivery of the Prisma Megamix music card (A-EON) and X-Surf 100 (Individual Computers) and was very keen to try out both on my Amiga 4000!



Review by James Whelan


A story of times long gone by, tells us of the three-headed Morgul,
who lives a secluded life in his kingdom. This Morgul is the cause of
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The Amiga Song – Eric Schwartz Returns To The Amiga With A Bang!

The Amiga community keeps on suprising us with all sorts of good news lately, and the latest one was today when i found out about a new Eric Schwartz music movie. It is a few days old now and most likely pretty known out there but i decided to hype it up a little anyways. The new animation is so good that i first thought that the song is an Original Amiga only song, as in written for this video.