April 2021

A Look At Turrican 2

Turrican II is a shoot ’em up and platformer game for Amiga developed by Factor 5 and published by Rainbow Arts in 1991. It was a direct sequel of the widely acclaimed title and one (if not THE one) that made the Amiga famous in the shooters’ genre. Developed for OCS and ECS architectures, it […]


AADevLog #0 - IEEE and STL 3D file format

This is the first in a loose series of developer logs about projects I'm working on, from little experimental or example code, to more complex ideas. On my quest to create some proper Amiga software - a game! - I have encountered, and will encounter, lots of challenges. 

Raving on

“April is the cruelest month,” says T. S. Eliot in the opening of his most famous poem, The Waste Land. Well, I sincerely hope this year will be an exception because I’d say that March was tough enough. The Covid-19 pandemic got a little out of hand here in the Czech Republic, resulting in another hard lockdown, so I really wouldn’t like to see April compete in cruelty with its predecessor!