July 2023

The future of content creation on blogs in 2023

I saw a post from the blog website Vintage is the New Old this week announcing they are closing down the site. I was naturally sad to see this. I thank them for their work, and wish the creators well for the future. 

I am not at all surprised by the reasons why they are closing it down. It touched a nerve with me, so I wanted to make a small comment about it.

July 13, 2023 - AMIWEST 2023 JULY UPDATE

  • By: AmiWest
  • Posted on: 14 July 2023

It's HOT in California and AmiWest planning is on fire! The Banquet ticket reservation form is now avaiable, A-Eon is a Gold show sponsor once more, raffle items are coming in, and our list of Amiga personalities is growing. Click to read more!