The Curse Of Rabenstein Review

In a world that is often depersonalized and where we tend to follow major brands instead of real people, it is a real pleasure to finally find someone really inspiring. As far as I am concerned, this one is Stefan Vogt, adventures writer and coder who we already introduced on these pages with Hibernated 1 […]


A Mind Forever Voyaging

In 2031 the world is on the brink of chaos. In the United States of North America, spiraling crime and unemployment rates, decayed school systems and massive government regulations have led to a lazy, contentious society. To reverse this critical situation, government and industry leaders have developed a Plan combining the economic freedom and strong […]


A Look At The Curse Of Rabenstein – C64 Edition

It is a fact that text adventures and semi-graphic adventures are living a second youth (or, maybe, even a third one). Here at Amigaguru, we covered the outstanding game from Pond Software more than once, with an unboxing of Hibernated 1 first, and with the game review afterward. This time we are dealing with the […]