AMIGA alive software: xiffview 0.5

Yet another update of IFF ILBM imageviewer xiffview for Linux computers. Now it can double- or triple-scale image, display individual bitplanes, give color information, and a couple of other features have been added.

xiffview is slowly turning into quite a usable tool. In addition to the aforementioned, it also got a brand new status bar for user messages, a rudimentary online help, and it displays pixel coordinates when the mouse moves over the image.

A Look At Rodland

Rod Land is a platform game originally developed and published in arcades by Jaleco in 1990. Following the success of the arcade, the game was ported to the Amiga and published by Storm in 1991. The player(s) control one or two fairies, armed with a magic wand (a rod), that has(have) the ability to freeze […]


Games galore #23: Supercars II AGA, Chases of Death, Swapped Arts, JetHuntERS, Primal Blade

There's no short cut, we gotta get them all: an updated racing classic, and lots of work in progress.

Supercars II AGA

Top-view racing classic "Supercars" gets a new release in AGA shape that goes by the name of "Supercars II AGA". This actually isn't a new game, but more like an updated version of "Supercars II". You still drive around a course on a scrolling map, still try to outmaneuver, or simply blast away, your opponents - and it's still great fun, or maybe now even more, with 256-color graphics and some other little enhancements.

Games galore #22: Exhumed, Dread (demo release), Henry's House, Krogharr, Polar Panic

Amiga game development is moving fast - so are we: this time we have two first person shooters, a port of an 8-bit platformer, a new fighting game by the author of "Invyya", and another new jump and run game.


Recently, a couple of PC games based on the "Build" 3d engine were ported to the Amiga - on of which is 1997 PC first person shooter game "Exhumed", also known as "Powerslave".

AMIGA alive software: xiffview 0.4 (update)

IFF ILBM imageviewer xiffview for Linux computers has a couple of new features, one of which is a command mode that allows you to extract image data as C code for sprite creation.

If you're a C programmer and want to create sprites with your program, this might be interesting for you. xiffview now has a command that takes a couple of arguments, namely x and y coordinates, height, bitmap numbers and color indices, and saves image data from that region of the image to a C code file for use in your program. 

September 23, 2021 AmiWest banquet tickets are on sale now!

  • By: AmiWest
  • Posted on: 24 September 2021

The AmiWest banquet is back. Our banquet service is available and tickets are on sale for our in-person banquet in the AmiWest show hall. Our Saturday evening banquet will celebrate another year of the Amiga. Our surprise entertainment can now be revealed AND there will be a substantial prize available only to those who attend the banquet. Visit our reservations page for banquet ticket reservations and our entertainment news!

September 16, 2021 AmiWest 2021 is 30 days away!

  • By: AmiWest
  • Posted on: 19 September 2021

AmiWest is the premier Amiga show in North America.Founded in 1998 this year represents our 24th year of continuous service. In that time AmiWest has become a key event for new product announcements and showcases for all things Amiga. Click to see the full blog and learn about what's happening at AmiWest 2021!

August 31, 2021 ONSITE AmiWest revised room rates are posted!

  • By: AmiWest
  • Posted on: 14 September 2021

Our AmiWest venue is back to business as usual. It seems that everyone is having a meeting now and using "our" venue to do it! Of course, we don't own the hotel but we do want our AmiWest attendees to get the best room rates available. Please book your AmiWest room as soon as possible. This enables us to increase the size of our room "block" if needed before attendees at other events take up all the space. Just go to our reservations page for both phone and online reservations. You can reserve now with no prepayment needed! Just pay at the end of your stay.