Building an ReAmiga 4000CR Part 2

OK Next part..

Time to get Chipmem working. and this is one of the bigger changes Commodore did on the CR. they added chipmem onboard.
so add:
U212, U213 (16V8) (those are NOT compatible from the GALs from the Rev2 A4000)
U260, U261, U262, U263 (memory)
Now Chipmem will work.

The Arrival of the Sam460LE from Amedia Computer in France

Hi everyone, Yesterday was a great day. It was the day my new AmigaOS 4 computer arrived! It is a brand-new system built upon the Sam460LE motherboard from ACube Systems in Italy. I originally intended to get the A1222+ but decided on the Sam460LE in the end due to compatibility issues with various games and […]

Bars&Pipes goes AROS

Outstanding news for Amiga musicians: Professional music program Bars&Pipes has been ported to AROS!

Bars&Pipes is a professional grade MIDI music composition program that was originally developed by Blue Ribbon Soundworks in the 1990s. It supports Amiga audio via AHI and plugins (called "tools" in Bars&Pipes).

The A1222+ – Now Available for Purchase on!

Hi there, Thanks for visiting my blog. The A1222+ is now finally available for purchase! The price for a motherboard without RAM is 1,199 EUR. 4 GB of RAM costs 39,99 EUR extra. It includes 17% VAT (Luxembourg). A complete system costs 1,599 EUR. This price does also include VAT. Please visit the website of […]