April 2023

Commodore 64 is alive in 2023

Although it is well known that I am a big Amiga fan, I also have a lot of love for the Commodore 64, which I still have and actively use in 2023. 

There is a lot of new release games, demos and even a new operating system for the Commodore 64 in 2023 to enjoy. So today I wanted to shine a light on the amazing world of Commodore 64 in 2023!

New Amiga 500 build

Lately I have been working on a new Amiga 500 build. I decided to pick up a second hand Amiga 500 locally to use for the build, and upgraded it with a bunch of updates which I will cover in this blog post.

RNOTunes – Version 1.1 Released!

Hi everyone, jPV of RNO is once again back with a new version of the RNOTunes multi-format audioplayer! This time it is version 1.1 and it contains a lot of changes: Please visit the official webpage of the program here to find information. The download can be found on OS4Depot.

M.A.C.E. Games Competition at Amigans.net – With prizes!

Hi everyone As we try to do every month, we have hosted a new games competition over at Amigans.net for the month of April. We are currently playing the game M.A.C.E. from Entwickler-X. The kind fellows over at Entwickler-X has sponsored this month’s competition. Thomas Claus has announced the following prizes: 1st Place: 3 EntwicklerX […]