March 2017

The Commodore Story - Changing the world 8-bits at a time

This nostalgic film & book project about Commodore - and thus the Amiga- looks like it's already a huge success, and there's still 20 days to go!

The Kickstarter campaign had a goal of 17500 pounds - but has easily reached and exceeded that amount, currently at 28721 pounds, repeatedly adding new features available to supporters, like an extra documentary BluRay, additional book pages, merchandise, an additional free movie download, and more.

Now that's an impressive success story. :-)

Super Stardust for C64?

Halfway off-topic, but nontheless interesting for Amiga gaming enthusiasts: A demo/preview of Super Stardust, the high-polished Asteroids clone for AGA Amiga, has been released - for the C64!

If you read the comments,though, it looks at this will remain a demo and has been dropped by the author. Still an interesting idea, and a jaw dropping technical demonstration.

Taito’s 1985 FMV Laserdisc Game TIME GAL Out Now On Amiga CD32

Ever heard about Laserdisc arcade games? , well one of the most known one has to be Dragon’s Lair or maybe Mad Dog Mccree. Many of these Laserdisc arcade machines had an Amiga in them together with an genlock and a Laserdisc player. The gameplay mostly consisted of a Full Motion Movie and a simplistic overlay like a crosshair or some quick time events arrows which indicated which way to move...