June 2016

Breaking the silence

I did some smaller things in WinUAE, but I was quite lacking motivation and time the last few months..

So today I decided to do something just for fun:

How to create a reply into a poetry

Yet One concern Is Given a Close Look. Amateur or Winner?

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Dissertation Thesis Statement Examples

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On being awarded the subject Doctor of Letters Dylan publisher Michael Grey

Virtual Data Room: Ideal Choice for Different Areas

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Adelaide Retro Computing Meeting June 2016

Last night was our monthly Adelaide Retro Computing group meeting, with a theme of Retro console systems from prior to 2000. Of course naturally I brought my Amiga CD32 for a 2 player versus game competition for a prize on the night! We also saw some other very interesting and rare console systems on display!

A600: Ratte's auto switch working on my A600 beast :O

Hi peepz.

After finishing my Gotek inside my A600, something that troubled me a long time came in front.
I love my Vampire and RTG modes, but I also want native modes which atm I can get either from Indivision SD/FF or from RGB to Scart. Ofc both of these solutions require either a dual input monitor (HDMI/VGA or HDMI/Scart, which I already have) or having 2 monitors.

Writing Academic Propositions: Meetings, Content, along with Books

Writing Academic Propositions: Meetings, Content, along with Books

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