Edge of the World - a D&D 4e campaign

  • By: bborsari
  • Posted on: 25 February 2011

Far more years ago then I care to remember I started playing D&D again with some friends.  It started as a game once a month, then we started a regular Thursday night game and that Thursday night game is now on it's second campaign.

The Edge of the World is a custom setting by our DM.  The story begins with an opening in a magical barrer, the barrer was far out to sea so two worlds formed, the "old world" is a developed world with strong guilds and nations.  To the "old world" the opening in the barrer is like the gold rush of the 1840's.  The new land represents new opportunity, for some a chance to start over, others come seeking riches and power.  But all will find this new land is filled with surprises.

Our band set out from the main settlement, "Newton", on a journey will a local trades man to a norther colony of Freeport*.  The Western coast is desolate with 1000 ft cliffs and little safety for travelers.  Newton has the best port by far and Freeport is rumored to be more of a cavern on the coast then a place to live.  The band still has a few days journey to each it's destination and it has been an eventful trip so far.

More to come!

*It's not Freeport, as Paul points out it's "FreeWater".  Freeport is a place in EverQuest which my EQ character spent a little time in so it's stuck in my brain as Freeport.

PS Rich mentioned some spelling errors.  Yes, I don't proof read well so there will be some mistakes.  These serve two uses, first, it sets the right expectation for the quality of the information, and two it allows me to write stuff and not worry about the judgement.