Pachi el Marciano. AROS/i386

Today i found that team who do Dragon Memory , do some other games, one of which called Pachi el marciano , and which is a platform game inspired by classic games like Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy (remember that old zx-spectrum game from Mathey Smith ?)
The game already ported to AmigaOS4 (can be found on and to MorhpOS (can be found on , and so, only AROS not have it. Plain SDL (without direct opengl usage), good and fun music/sounds, "complete" levels design and normal design of game itself, make all of this worth of porting. 

Porting process was easy enough, through, configure scripts again ask for auto-tools and for easy-way (to avoid manual creating of makefiles) i just use cygwin/winxp crosscompiler. 

Changes in terms of code was usuall PROGDIR: stuff , as well as manual change in all the sources of all pathes to make all works fine with PROGDIR. I.e for example was DATADIR"/gfx/something", and that translates to PROGDIR:/gfx/something => so removing of first slash are must. And as usuall few tweaks to make it compiles in terms of right libs (like sdl_mixer with mikmod support, ), flags and co.  In other words, nothing hard, but still spend some time to make it right.

Binary are i386-abiv0 (as for now the only one and main aros is abiv0).

Get the full-game here