Amiga Workbench Version 1.0 - 2012 concept

How would recreate the "Amiga" "Workbench version 1.0" GUI if you created it today / 2012 ?

Amiga Workbench Version 1.0 - 2012

One of the attractions of early Amiga Workbench GUI designs was the roll-over action over icons, when the cursor is over an icon, the second icon sprite would replace the normal icon state, suggesting a possible clue to what the clicked on icon was going to do.  This became quite useful for some applications such as the Zip/Archive icon/application. Imagine an open/closing clamp for different icon states or a bunch of files visually showing compression. 

Change the icons behaviour:
(old version:  Action: Roll-over mouse cursor over icon, icon had a second frame/state which usually changed. Early Amiga GUI's had icons that inverted the colour palette.

new versionthe roleover state has two options:

1) roll-over creates 1/2/4 pixel outline  (open outline editor to create custom outline (move,redraw,colour))

2) roll-over has ability for custom icon (either 1 frame or up to 3.)

- Outline all icons when user (rolls-over) icon with mouse cursor. 
- Extra states will reduce excessive graphics in the GUI.