To keep you computer girls updated.

Well to keep you computer girls updated on whats going on whit NoYellow, first of all I have been bit annoyed lately, about two things whit this project.
Comment from Broadblues on Amigaworld:
Quote: “imagine if you memlists are corrupted and another application can happily carry on accessing them, because of the lack of forbid? “
This has been worrying me I can't get it out of my mind, I use SendMsg() and it should be warpped around a Permit() Forbid() according to the autodocs, I have not to prevent forbid being broken, and as some of you know Message list are based on struct list, and so struct list might get corrupted, I have been thinking about protecting the SendMsg() whit a Mutx instead, but I know if I do and its in a forbid the Mutex will never be
released by the other task, so I can't use any Semaphore or Mutex.

So I have started working on a workaround, a forbid free message que, that can't bring down your computer, its based on static table instead of dynamic list, so next previews pointers can't be 
in a incomplete state. this also means the buffer can be exhausted becouse it can only contain a limited number of records, resulting in some message not being displayed, don't worry all he error will be written to debug buffer using DebugPrintF (this is some thing I'm working on), how quickly the message que is emptyied depends on how fast I can display the messages.
The secened issue that has been anoying me is how the Ringho messages look, so I have opend a tread at about that issue.
And it looks like the issue about not supporting line shift will be resoved in an upcoming OS update, to thanks Max Tretene of Acube System, for doing that, I'm shore there are many more developers that are interested geting that fixed.