The work never stops

As you all know I been working on NoGuru (NoYellow), so I have been busy whit that for some time, but now I'm back on Excalibur.
I have been working on new menu editor as seen in right window, some work is needed, but its shaping up.
Left windows shows the new prefs program, as you can see I'm now using tabs, some was complained about size of old prefs window being too big.
On Excalibur (toolbar), the screen buttons has been rounded, and so has memory bar, the clock text as been centered, and I have also updated the virtual positioning.

Some at my job asked med create rounded corner on some buttons, as result I came up whit good idea for doing that, its not so often there is synergy between work and hobby.


An other project I have been working on, it has stock on my hard drive for long time, is PublicPaint, I don't know if ever shown you it before, I don't know what to do whit it yet..
But did some changes to the source code, so works tiny bit better.
As you can see from screen shout it needs a lot of love, I can't believe how tiny it all looks, most have been using smaller resolution back in 2002/2003.
it says in the about window SDL but its running directly on border less Workbench windows.
I hoping composition can help whit displaying preview graphics like brushes/cut outs, I did not have that when it was ported to AmigaOS4.