First to Confirm for AmiWest 2013,  ".   .   .the  definitive information clearinghouse for
next-generation Amiga computing," is first to confirm their presence at
AmiWest 2013!

So what will they bring to AmiWest 2013?  Rep Eldee Stephens tells us:

"New  to  next-generation Amiga computing?  Interested in checking out tons of  great  free  and commercial titles for your AmigaOne?  Come try out the most  popular  software  available for AmigaOS on our  demonstration system; get  advice  on used and new next-generation Amiga computers and the latest compatible  hardware;  learn  tips  and  tricks to get the most out of your AmigaOne; peruse the latest issues of Amiga Future magazine; and much more!"

Wow!  Now I want to go just to see what they're bringing!  I hope that you
want to see it, too! 

So  be  sure  to  watch  this  blog for the latest in AmiWest 2013 news and
details.   Every  year  gets better - but it won't be better for YOU unless
you  attend.   Reserve  October  16-20, 2013 on your calendar and make your plans  to  attend  the second AmigaOS programming seminar October 16-18 and AmiWest 2013, October 18-20, the Amiverse show on the West coast of the USA at  the  Holiday  Inn  Express,  2224  Auburn  Blvd.,  Sacramento,  CA Tel: 916.923.1100.  You don't want to miss it!