So its that time again, Excalibur is ready for new release candidate V1.3.0

So what its going on well the last version was V1.2.5 I head to do things twice because some source code was lost, in the end, the product was not as tested as it might have been if orignal was released, so this version fixed a lot the bugs and issues that where overseen in last release.
* Fixed: menu editor used wrong type id for divider.
* Fixed: rendering of 3D and XEN screens
* Fixed: Transparency was not the same for menu as toolbar.
* Disable_clock() crashed on exit, added a check if mutex is allocated.
* Fixed: menu editor, when you delete a menu, no text is printed anymore.
And then I added some new features and found a few bugs in the process, most important is the ability to test if your configuration is what you wont whit out quiting excalibur, I also added a few up and down arrows to the menu editor, so now, its not totally useless anymore, it might need some more work, but at lest I have it, in addition Exchange support was improved by not having to click the toolbar to get Excalibur to respond to Exchange, then I added a few tests to make shore Excalibur can't get 100% transparent, I know people should know better, but some go looking for bugs it seams to me.
* Added: improved icons support for only icons / all files in menus and toolbars.
* Added: move up and down to menu editor.
* Added: stupidity check for transparency, toolbar can not be less then 25 of 255.
* BB emu API MakeCommodity(), changed to return MsgPort, so I can do handel signals.
* Fixed: Excalibur should now notice when Exchange event has happened, whit out clicking on the window.
* Added: code to prevent Excalibur to be started more then once.
* Added: test button to prefs
* Added: code to unload/reload graphics, fonts and prefs.
* Fixed: Toolbar height calculation when prefs was reloaded
* Fixed: Fixed a memory leek, background bitmap not freed.
So hopefully all this changes should translate in to better user experience, I know Excalibur has long way to go, there are lots of improvements on the table, or ideas that has not yet been implemented, so don't worry this is not the last version yet.