So we are moving forward whit Excalibur 1.3.5.

Some really nice new features in this version, is that you do not need to quit Excalibur to reload settings. When I made the changes I discovered lots small bugs, that I have been addressing, mostly rendering related.

I most say it has been lots of bugs found I'm a bit surprised, mostly not critical, they just need to be fixed, it really does not help having lots of new features if the program is not work as expected, so this has to be fixed first.

And the second new feature is you now can have the logo on top of menus, this was not possible before, some themes might looks better whit logo on top, this was a lot of work to get right.

I also by playing a lot whit the settings I might found a lot more rendering bugs in this version, some of this bugs where not so easy to spot, I don't know if your going to see the difference.

Using datatypes (JPG,TIF,IFF images) is now working again, previously the images became transparent and was not rendered, (this going to need some more work I think, as the images loaded whit datatypes does not scale).

There is also a rendering bug in the menu that need to be fixed, when this done I will upload a new version.

I hope whit this version to have removed all known bugs, so I can start working on new features, and improvements.

I have also regrouped some prefs items so its easier to find the correct settings.