a Update...

Silent Before The Rain

After Oliver Brunner released libgtk-mui i than tryed to port few gtk apps to AROS but failed due to missing functions and i than i rewrite OVPlayer a .ogg player to 100% zune/mui and called zOVPlayer and i should release that soon..

Today i have finished this but not happy with the current look, so i am going to redisign and will upload when happy with the look.. ..

GTK based movie Editor
A GTK based movie Editor also failed but took bit of my free time but nevermind....

HarmonyPlayer installer also done but autoupdate wont kick in yet due to problems i had while trying to implement some new classes and i am holding entire project back just due the classes.

Screen Grab
I have added a litle frame where you can see screenshoot without going into multiview or other viewers...

A TextEditor
I am fighting with textEditor class to get or add what i want but slow progress..

just compiled and i like to add this to Tx2Pdf when get bit more free time so normal text file can be converted to .PDF and RTF files.


Add'ed frameline so you can see the images but not finish yet...

Aminet - WormWars

Well i dont play much games nowdays but i have seen a upload of WormWars for other amiga like os'es but not AROS so i did download and compiled for aros and its somewhere in my downloads..

To Download
http://www.portacall.org/downloads/ and click on last modification should show you the latest uploads..

Zune Class
played with new zune class'es and wont giveup on them yet till i learn more n more..

and some more native apps i am working and all half cooked not ready to talk abaut yet...