This is my Amiga, part 3

  • By: bborsari
  • Posted on: 13 August 2013

Welcome, Dropbox!

A few folks have asked how I got dropbox on my Amiga. The route was a bit circuitous but worked out well in the end.  This allows me to directly access those files on Dropbox from all my Amiga apps.  This method uses a Windows (or MAC) system, a Linux system ($35 for a raspberry PI would do well) with samba setup, and you're best system, an Amiga.

The flow is as follows:
1)Share your "Users" folder from your PC or MAC
2)Next mount your dropbox folder from your PC onto a linux server
3)Next share the Dropbox mount on Linux to your network
4)Finally, mount this new share on to your Amiga

Boom!  Dropbox on your Amiga!

Getting down to business:

1) Share your Users folder, just right click and select "share."

2) From your Linux system mount that PC share.  We use linux since the Amiga smbfs does not support smb3 shares from Windows while the Linux system does.  If you're new to Linux you can use something similar to this to mount your share:

  As root:
  #mount -t cifs //<IP of your Windows system>/Users/<username>/Dropbox /dropbox -o username=<usename>,password=<your   Windows user password>

  You can also add the following to the fstab:
  // /dropbox   cifs    username=tekmage,password=<your Windows   user password> 0 0

3) Now, you'll want to share /dropbox to your network so your Amiga can mount it:

Edit smb.conf then restart smbd.
          comment = Dropbox location
          path = /dropbox
          valid users = tekmage
          admin users = tekmage
          read only = No
          guest ok = No

4)Finally, mount your Dropbox on your workbench using smbfs:
  alt-wb:otherc/smbfs domain=workgroup user=tekmage password=<your Windows user password>  device=nas2 volume=Dropbox //nas/Dropbox >nil:'
Bill "tekmage" Borsari
Bonus:  Here is the icon I built:  dropbox-disk.icon