Amiga Guru Meditation number 00000003.00C06560

Found a bad flip/flip replaced it, and now I’m on my way.

The amiga appears to be getting past the initial boot stages including the ram memory checks! I see the blue screen, and the disk drives starts loading workbench but crashes soon.

If anyone can tell me the exact meaning of this guru, that would really help me.

I’m pretty sure this means address error at that address, but that isn’t horribly helpful.  I mean, does this mean a write failed, a read failed, something associated with that address, what?

wikipedia says a program is accessing a word on an unaligned boundary…. Perhaps because the instructions it read previously were corrupt? I don’t know.

Of course I realize that this address is inside the 512K expansion memory space.

Amiga Guru Meditation number 00000003.00C06560