Sketches for Original Core Design Logo Revealed

Posting on his Twitter feed earlier today, artist and videogame designer Simon Phipps revealed some of the early designs for the Core Design logo.
Core Design were responsible for bringing a stack of games to the Amiga including the Rick Dangerous series, Wolfchild, Heimdall's 1 and 2, the Chuck Rock games, and many, many more.
Here's what Simon had to say about the designs;

"Found this old page from a notepad - the original sketches I did for the Core Design logo from Jan '88. 

The one used was the one with Pacman-shaped 'C'. It stayed until Core became a publisher and was remade in the 'Baby Teeth' font."

Check out the designs below...

You can find more of Simon's art over on his Facebook Group, and don't forget to follow him on Twitter.