X500 Plus Mechanical Keyboard

I'm typing this post on my new X500 Plus mechanical keyboard which I picked up from the Post Office this morning. It's so good I felt compelled to write a review and post a few photos!

As you may be aware Loriano Pagni has produced a set of replacement keys for Cherry MX keyboards which he has designed to be the closest match to the Amiga's original keys possible. Loriano wanted a keyboard to complement his excellent X500 Plus computer case and he has done a great job! You can find out more about his keyboard project in this forum thread.

As I don't own an X500 Plus case myself I opted for a standalone USB keyboard to complement my AmigaONE 500. I really liked the look of Loriano's white and beige key set, which looks really authentic, unfortunately he didn't have any white keyboard shells and the black version also matchs my AmigaONE 500's case.

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