Installing AmigaOS4.1 Classic onto WinUAE 2.9.0beta12

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Hi guys! Mambo’s Amiga Blog has made an excellent guide to installing AmigaOS 4.1 Classic on WinUAE! This is a must read if you are considering going this route. You will find everything below. Enjoy! :)

Originally posted on Mambo's Amiga Blog:

When I saw that WinUAE was to the point of actually installing OS4.1 Classic, I immediately put in an order to to get my copy. I ordered on Friday and it arrived Monday, just 3 days later. That’s UK->US in 3 days and I didn’t specify rush shipping at all! Good job AmigaKit!

The disc was actually the base install with Update 2 integrated (there have been 6 updates, plus the AmiUpdates that have been online only since update6). I first made an ISO as I find that is much easier than using a real disc with WinUAE.

Just setting up, I had to do the following:

Got the latest “official” beta version of WinUAE (not the quick fixes he posts sometimes). At the time of this writing, it was WinUAE_2900b12 (from this post): There may be a newer one by the time you read this.

Then, I…

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