MorphOS update

Well, I forgot to mention a few weeks ago that MorphOS was updated to version 3.7, mostly a bug-fix version, but well worth the download. I have yet to do the update on my PowerBook G4.

With all the recent hype over WinUAE’s new PowerPC emulation, I decided to try the older PowerUP version of MorphOS (v1.4.5) just out of curiosity. It seemed to hang. Using the “-log” option on starting WinUAE, it turns out that there is need of an instruction not currently implemented by the PearPC core used in WinUAE (mcrxr). Toni has stated that he’s not pursuing updating PearPC when QEMU PowerPC is fully working and has a JIT mode as well. The hard work is extracting that code as it is intertwined tightly with other parts of QEMU. Could be a while before we see an update to PowerPC emulation while he and others work on that part.

Besides, it was only v1.4.5. The MorphOS team has long since abandoned the PowerUP platform. I’m curious though as they still support the equally underpowered EFIKA motherboard, which is still available at websites like Directron for $99.

It’s much better to just find an old, used iBook, PowerBook or Mac Mini G4 to do the job. Those can be found on ebay these days for less than $100USD and are FAR more powerful than the Efika.

Another strike against using MorphOS, even the older one, on WinUAE is that the license restricts using it in emulated environments. I’m not sure why. I guess they didn’t want to be flooded with support questions if/when it ever happened.

Anyway, until WinUAE gets the QEMU PPC JIT, it really isn’t very useful for more than just a novelty right now. Go Toni!