ACube Systems: New Motherboard – SAM 460CR

Hi guys,

A bit of Amiga news from the Italian company ACube Systems. On the 25th of October 2014 they announced the coming of a cost reduced version of their 460EX motherboard, namely the SAM 460CR. With this board you can run AmigaOS 4.1, as well as Linux.

Here is the press release:

After the Sam460ex here comes the Sam460cr

 Bassano del Grappa, 25-Oct-2014

Since we created the Sam460 motherboard we have seen many of our customers adding to their board: a graphic card, a sound card and a SATA card. It was obvious that we could find a way to make a cheaper product removing the onboard audio, video and SATA features.
We then decided to produce Sam460 motherboards with the following components removed: SM502 audio/video chip, video connector and onboard SATA. This new Sam460 will have the same number of expansion slots (PCI, PCIe) as the well known Sam460.
This allows us to reduce the cost of the motherboard for our customers. That’s why this new board is called Sam460cr, “cr” stands for “cost reduced”.
Our shop will be updated later today.
Cheaper and still as powerful as before. :-)
We hope you’ll enjoy the extra effort we do for all Amigans.
ACube’s shop has been updated today and you can now find the new motherboards available for purchase.

The price ranges from 469 EUR to 539 EUR (AmigaOS included).

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