Amiwest 2014 - Saturday

It is a busy day here at Amiwest 2014!

So many Amigas and plenty of interest in the systems I brought along, as well as some interesting announcements from Trevor and Steve Solie.

The announcement of AmigaOS 4.1 Final to be released by the end of this year as a paid upgrade.
Trevor introduced Amistore, radiance and showed the x5000 running Linux and AmigaOS4.1 - as always with the boing ball shoes and tie!

Talking about the Radiance suite:

Amistore video presentation:

The new Sam460cr model was mentioned today.

The acquisition of by A-Eon was also mentioned, meaning that both and are both now owned by A-Eon.

The first commercial xorro expansion for the x1000 was also mentioned, due to go on sale in early 2015 a serial logger:

Hyperion's tables with systems running AmigaOS4.1 final edition:

Another table running AmigaOS4.1 system with an a1200 next to it being setup:

Andy (broad blues) did a good presentation of Radiance suite, covering each of the software included in it:

Workbench Candi demo:

Personal Paint 7.3 for AmigaOS4.1 demo also done by Andy:

Recent classic Amiga game Solid Gold running on the Minimig core on a Chameleon64 fpga:

Robert was busy recording the seminar presentations as always:

Amigakit/A-EON table:

Mike's daughter playing Pang on the Minimig at my table:

I had plenty of questions about MorphOS and the Minimig during the day which is great! 
Here is my MorphOS PowerBook viewing one of my YouTube videos:

Bill (tekmage) then ran through the latest games released for Amiga in 2014.

Bill demonstrating Voxelnoid:
It has been a great day which has just wrapped up! The banquet is still to follow tonight with another update to follow later!