How to get LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth working on Windows 8

Wallpaper - Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth

Wallpaper – Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth

Hi there,

Recently I decided to fire up the classic RTS-game Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth from EA Games. I use Windows 8 on my PC (with a patch so that I get the “normal” Windows desktop), but did not give it much thought. The installation process went well, but the game refused to run properly afterwards.

The game crashed with the following message: “EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION”

If you experience the same problem, here is a solution which worked for me:

1) Open Notepad or a similar text editor and insert the following lines:

AllHealthBars = yes
AlternateMouseSetup = no
AmbientVolume = 50
AudioLOD = High
Brightness = 50
FixedStaticGameLOD = UltraHigh
FlashTutorial = 0
HasSeenLogoMovies = yes
HeatEffects = yes
IdealStaticGameLOD = VeryLow
IsThreadedLoad = yes
MovieVolume = 70
MusicVolume = 70
Resolution = 1600 1200
SFXVolume = 70
ScrollFactor = 56
StaticGameLOD = UltraHigh
TimesInGame = 6
UnitDecals = no
UseEAX3 = no
VoiceVolume = 70

2) Save the file to the directory “AppData\Roaming\My Battle for Middle-earth Files\”. The name of the file must be “options.ini”.

3) You can adjust the resolution (where it says UltraHigh) to fit your own screen, for example Low.

4) Run the game and enjoy!!

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks. :)