Migration of this blog to Amiga X1000 Blog

After feedback from Amiga people at AmiWest 2014 regarding having two separate Amiga blogs, I have decided to maintain one Amiga blog moving forward covering all Amiga related topics, Next Generation and Classic Amiga.

To this end I have already migrated all the Classic Amiga blog entries (and comments, etc) to the main Amiga X1000 blog.

Please use the Amiga X1000 Blog from now on as no further blog entries will be posted on this Classic Amiga blog.

The single address to go to is:


The Classic Amiga Blog will be permanently deleted in a few weeks to allow people a bit of time to adjust bookmarks, etc.

Thanks, and sorry for the confusion with maintaining two separate Amiga blogs to follow this year - this will now stop with just one blog to go to now!