A new work space

For several weeks now me and my wife have been busy redecorating our apartment in order to maximize our living space. It took a good while, but we are finally reaching the end. So I bought myself a new computer work space and chair. It’s much roomier than before:


On the bottom left (below the router, outside the picture) is my Powermac G5, which is connected to the bigger screen. Above the monitor, placed at the middle is my 17″ Powerbook, which is connected to the smaller monitor on the right. The idea is that it will be my IRC dedicated machine when sitting there. On the right of the Powerbook is my 12″ Ibook, which is my portable machine. On the right of the work space is my printer. I plan to get it to work with MorphOS one of these days.

Under the table, below the keyboard on the left is also my Windows PC, which is connected to the monitor on the left, sharing it with my G5 via a KVM switch. However, lately I have not used Windows much. Because I don’t want to and because I more and more rarely need to. MorphOS is my main computer, and now when I got more space to play with I can start experimenting with new stuff again and blog about it like before :)