Adelaide Amiga 30 Meeting Report

On Monday May 25th fro 7:30pm we had the Adelaide Amiga 30 Meeting, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Amiga in Adelaide! This was hosted by the Adelaide Amiga User Group at Clarence Park Community Hall.

With the introduction of the Adelaide Amiga User Group website to promote the event, as well as promotion via and Retrospekt (who sent three members to our gathering tonight), we had a full room and lots of people and lots of Amigas on show!
There really was a lot of interest in the Next Gen Amigas I brought to the meeting, Sam 460CR running AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition, Powerbook G4 running MorphOS 3.8 as well as the CDTV running music, and booting games and demo disks from the Gotek Floppy drive emulator during the evening:

Of course there were other Amigas on display too, with plenty of interest too:

Amiga 3000 on display here, in need of some work though:

An Amiga 1200 as well - Plenty of Strider and Turrican 3 was played on this machine tonight.

An Amiga 4000, Amiga 500, Amiga 1000, Amiga 1200 and Amiga 3000 on display:

Not Amigas related, but Commodore related - a Commodore PET computer was being demoed as well:

I had never seen a PET in the flesh before:

Some more photos of the A1000, A1200 and A4000:

It was great to see so many Amigas on display tonight - a fitting tribute to the 30th Anniversary of the Amiga:

What was truly great was we had plenty of people and lots of positive interest in the new developments in the Amiga, particularly Next Generation Amiga systems:

There was even a Chameleon 64 running C64 emulation on the night too:

I opened up the Sam460 CR and there was plenty of interest in it, and lots of questions about AmigaOS 4.1, MorphOS, where to buy them and questions, questions, questions! It was great though, and I hope a few people decide to try these new systems out themselves - they prove that Next Generation Amigas are still fun in 2015:

I was showing a demo of the recently released Swamp Defense 2 game on the Sam 460CR:

Shadow of the Beast running on an Amiga 1200:

People were happy to play with the machines and try things out which was great to see:

I then started up a Wings Battlefield LAN gaming session between the Sam 460CR AmigaOS4.1 Final edition machine and Powerbook G4 MorphOS 3.8 machine - the game was very popular and I had lots of very positive feedback on how much fun it was to play and how easy to get into - the game is due to be released very shortly:

Close ups of the action as the rounds continue in Wings Battlefield LAN game:

I think LAN gaming has a real future on Amiga systems - and especially when setup at meetings:

I had a quick look at an Amiga 4000 that was not very happy - it booted ok, but no fast memory recognised.

Closer inspection of the board revealed extensive battery corrosion, which I suspect is the cause of the issue - unfortunately I couldn't fix that!

Adelaide Amiga 30 was a truly great event and a lot of fun! I was so happy to see a lot more people there than the last meeting, and continued interest in the latest developments on the Amiga.

Can't wait for the next meeting!