New game: Tower 57

There is right now a kickstarter for a neo-retro style “Chaos Engine” clone out there called Tower 57. I liked the style from the start and pledged myself an “early bird”. But then the developer dropped a very unexpected hint: he wanted to port the game (if the kickstarter is successful) to AmigaOS 4. Not to make any real money out of it (there isn’t any), but just because he grew up with the Amiga and was happy to hear that development was still ongoing.

Naturally, I pointed out about MorphOS and AROS. He hadn’t heard about them but was open for porting to those too. I told him I knew a guy who programmed NG Amiga games (Daniel Müssener of Cherry Darling fame) and they started to exchange e-mails. Since the game is mostly done in C++ a good port is very much possible. Today I got an e-mail confirming that an AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS port is a streach goal for the game, that Daniel will be the NG programmer (which by now is a confirmed seal of quality) and that the stretch goal is a mere 1000 euro extra, because they really want to make these versions a reality.

But there is only about two weeks left and they have only reached roughly half way. Log into Kickstarter (or join. All you need is a paypal account) and pledge now so we can make this a reality! New games with such a big budget for MorphOS and AmigaOS 4 only happens once every red moon. Click on the teaser picture below to get to the kickstarter.