So what have I been work on lately, for some time now I have been working again, so less hours to experiment and work on things, actually feel the need turn off the computer sometimes.

Anyway, I'm a geek and geeks can't turn off the computer for too long before curiosity takes over.

Lately I have been investigating curves, I know what you are thinking, and It's not that, I'm not stupid, I know keep my distance.

I'm talking about other types of curves, or mathematically draw curved lines.

Now you thinking maybe taking about y=(x*scalefactor)^2, or y=sin(x)*scalefactor.
No formulas like that only draws curves in y direction, you can't have diagonal curve, or curve between two random coordinates, using formulas like that.

So there is a video from Steven Wittens, on youtube, that I really enjoyed.

Bezier curves!!!!

So way on earth is curves important, well you draw thing in paint program save image use that, no need to know how it was done, but realize the paint tools use curves.

Even the fonts I use for this text I have written, uses some curve, SVG image or vector images, use curves, flash videos, and lots of other things.

So the best way to play around with curves is a editor, or program you drag curves around, and this what I did, soon I complete the program, as simple toy.

So way not use library someone else has made, way spend this amount of time on something you get for free, well what is fun in that, coding is about figuring things out, and play with things, learn something, the most fun I have head is maybe programs I did not complete,

So why don't you work on mplayer, well the answer is I need a break from mplayer, and it has become work, coding should be fun, so this way I doing this I guess.