Janus-UAE2 v0.1

Even if it still far away from a feature-complete and rock-solid release, it might be time to release a snapshot of the current state of development.

You can download v0.1 of Janus-UAE2, the WinUAE port for AROS, here:


Please keep in mind:

  • This is a complete new WinUAE port. It is not based on the previous Janus-UAE sources.
  • This version lacks a lot of functionality, it is far away from the features, Janus-UAE 1.x offers.
  • No Picasso96, no JIT, no .. ,but Harddrives should work ;)
  • and this is for AROS x86_64 ABI v1 only
  • as ABI v1 might break binary compatibility on any day, it is working for the ABI v1 of 15.10.2015, everything else is not sure.

So for the brave, you might give it a try. Please also read the README.txt.

I will not upload this release to aros-archives or the aminet, as it is still to alpha to waste space there ;-).