meteMP3 for AROS

Hi folks i have tried few times but got busy with other stuff instead of finishing mp3 i have planned for some time, I know we have HarmonyPlayer and covers most of formats but i wanted this MP3 player to be bit more special.

My actual plan was to use AROS process/task for decoding but than decided give pthread a try and my 1st test has passed and decoder decodes well.

Now structure for player/gui  is build and player/gui handler all set to and ready so whats left to do ?

I dont want meteMp3 p[ayer to look like HarmonyPlayer but more simple to use and easy to work on.

Tag info = lost the one i had or still in my HD but can not find atm but there is one %100 and also thinking to add cover images from musicbrain if tcp stack is on.


Output = Direct AHI.

Decoder = currently tested on mpg123 + mad not sure which route to take but both given good result so far.

Use custome classes for the the button set and time/volume sliders etc..  

meteMp3  must have Drag n Drop and also little icon sits in desktop handles every mp3 that drops there.

I am just getting back to coding and i have more than 10 unfinished projects to do so this one is one of them..

Note! This bogger updated using OWB on AROS and thanks to deadwood.