Quick test for comparison

Okay, a few months ago, I’d heard that deadwood had released version 1.25 of OWB for AROS. Since then, he’s opened up the source and improvements have been rolling out. While I haven’t grabbed the latest version, I did want to do a comparison between 1.25 and the 1.24 used on MorphOS (since I recently upgraded to MorphOS3.9 on my Powerbook G4).

I was expecting the 1.25 to score higher than the older 1.24. However, if you look back at my last article here, you’ll see that it only scored at 362 out of 555:

At the time, I thought that was good considering that Amiga browsers tend to be way behind the rest.

To my surprise, the older 1.24 OWB from Fab on MorphOS scored much better, at 422 out of 555:

So, next step will be to updated to the latest build from the open github dev version of 1.25 and try again.