CnCNet: Play old Command & Conquer games for free!

CnCNet (screengrab by Old School Game Blog)

CnCNet (screen-grab by Old School Game Blog)

Hi all,

I’m a big fan of the Command & Conquer series of games. I’ve spent countless hours playing titles like Red Alert 2, Tiberian Sun and Generals. Even today I log in and play Tiberium Alliances from time to time, but not as often as before. Actually completed the game by destroying the Fortress on World 6 a long time ago. It was with the clan West UA DC. Anyway, if you too are a fan of these games, look no further than CnCNet

On CnCNet you can download old C&C classics for free! Yes, it is true, completely free. All provided downloads come pre-packaged with CnCNet Online Multiplayer. This means you can play Red Alert 2 or another title Online. They even have updated ladders, which makes playing more fun and competitive. :) They also have modded versions that completely alters the original games.

Another good thing is that these games will work perfectly on Windows 8. I tried installing Red Alert 2 from my original CD-s and it did not work on Windows 8.

They have even added a lot of features for the old games. Look at Red Alert 1 for example:

  • Cheat Prevention.
  • Built-in High Resolution Patch.
  • Easy to use Configuration tool for Game settings.
  • Improved Speed, and Reduced Lag.
  • Additional Languages – English, German, French, Spanish.
  • Map Editors included – Create your own maps!
  • Tunneling Technology. No port forwarding required!
  • Easy installation, Download & Play.
  • Fully featured Chat lobby.
  • Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Support
  • Mac OS X Support.

Isn’t that cool? :) Wow!

If you want more information about CnCNet, a user called SNiPE has made a good introduction video:

If you’ll excuse me, I’ll head over to CnCNet right now to do some downloading. ;)