Amiga: The Ultimate Retro Style Computer Case

Hi folks,

According to the website, a new crowdfunding project has been launched.:) Please read on for more details:


The Ultimate Retro Style Computer Case…e/x/8905114#//

Officially Licensed by Amiga Inc.

Key Features of the AMIGA CASE
· Original Amiga logo on the AMIGA CASE
· Designed for classic Amiga 1200 hardware
· Designed for the Thin Mini-ITX form factor, RaspberryPI 1B+/2 /3 and Keyrah V2
keyboard adapter
· Designed for usage with internal and external keyboards
· Can function as a keyboard stand
· Open case design for placement of multiple systems
· Removable and replaceable back plates
· Adjustable placement in height of the Amiga 1200 motherboard
· More useful space for Amiga 1200 owners
· Two 3,5 inch bays to build in devices of your choice
· Covers for the 3,5 inch expansion bays with pre cut USB connection holes
· Recessed Air vents for Amiga 1200 accelerators and the Thin Mini-ITX motherboard
· High quality plastics with UV stabilizer (no more yellowing)
· High quality screw points with blind brass inserts
· Future-proof due to the ‘open’ design.

I’ve embedded a video of the project below. It provides you with an informative overview:

Looks pretty neat. What do you guys think?:) Anyone going to support it?