Hans 3D Survey - Game Development on AmigaOS

If your interested in 3D on the AmigaOS platform please take the time and fill in Hans de Ruiters Survey. Below is his message (from Amigans.net website) with links to survey and tutorials.

"I'd like to help people take advantage of the new graphics capabilities that Warp3D Nova provides. So far I've written a few tutorials on using Warp3D Nova directly

Now that the OpenGL ES 2 wrapper has been released, I'm wondering if there's interest in learning how to use that. I've created a short survey to get an idea of what people want.So, if you're interested in learning shader based graphics on AmigaOS, hop over to the survey and give your opinion: link"Hans
P.S., Feel free to share this elsewhere. The more responses the better.


The very early start of a new 3D level for an AmigaOS platform game and in future posts I will describe how the game works in more detail.  The game is a mixture of concepts including Marble Madness, Spindizzy, Mindcraft, and others.

Any suggestions of Game title always welcome?