Patreon Site - coming soon

I'm a big fan of the Amiga and have worked hard in contributing for our favourite computer over many years including back to the Amiga Inc days. My focus is either graphic design or game development.  The most recent published games are Dots Adventures and RESHOOT.

I would like to dedicate more of my spare time developing for the Amiga Platform, Classic and NG. We need as many developers as possible.  

Once the site is open you will get a sneak peek into behind the scenes of project

- Access to source files (2d, 3d)
- PPaint Tips and tutorials
- Sketchblock Tips and tutorials
- Work in progress of game development
- Shelved projects (games - till we find a developer)
- Observations and suggestions of improving AmigaOS
- Other fun projects for Patreons only
- Developed concepts for Amiga Inc that got shelved
- Insight to who I'm also helping or have helped in the Amiga scene, past and current
- Open to other suggestions and projects

So for the cost of a cup of coffee I hope you will support me, more info coming soon :)