MorphOS: Price Reduction

MorphOSHi guys,

Just a heads-up for those of you who are interested in buying MorphOS. The team has decided to lower the prices. Here’s the statement from Cyfm on MorphZone:

So the FAQ should read something like this now:

The price of a MorphOS hardware bound keyfile depends on your choice of target system.

The prices are 79 EUR for
– PowerBook G4 system,
– iBook G4
– Power Mac G5
– eMac
– Mac mini G4
– Pegasos I
– Pegasos II
– PowerMac G4
and 49 EUR for
– EfikaPPC
– Sam460 system

And, just to make this clear again for people being afraid of loss of keyfile investment due to defective hardware: The hardware bound keyfile will be transferred free of charge to a replacement machine if ever required – not bound or time limited to the original registration date. The keyfile will also stay valid for every future MorphOS3 update that is ever going to be released.