New RTS game for AmigaOS 4: Once Upon A Time by AmigaTec

According to news posted at the superb Generation Amiga website, there is a new RTS game coming for the AmigaOS 4:

A new upcoming game from the team behind Amiga Racer is working on a new RTS game called ‘Once upon a time’. The game would be like Age of Empires and is expected to be released around XMAS and new years eve. In this game you have to expand your land and defend your castle against enemy’s. More details are to be announced very soon.

This looks interesting. It seems to be quite a bit of activity when it comes to AmigaOS these days. We had the release of the X5000 at AmiWest, as well as news about A.L.I.C.E, Tabor and Libre Office. Anyway, looking forward to hear more about this game! Loved Age of Empires, so a similar game on AmigaOS would be awesome.