Amiga: Ultimate Maze Gloom Modification – Updated!


Hi everyone,

The Gloom 3 mod Ultimate Maze has received an update. It’s available for download on Aminet. Check it out!

Get it here:


Here’s information from the author:

This is Total Conversion of Gloom3, Amiga FPS game.
This game was released as freeware from me in 2015.

A gloomy story.
The ultra complicated maze explodes your brain.
Unforgettable brutal gory scenes in the battle traveling beyond time.
Its difficulty would make even "Nightmare mode of DOOM" players cry.
You will become fearful of darkness if once you get stuck in darkness levels.
The 4th dimension would make you mad easily.
A hidden "secret level" and "secret ending" would be presented to super players.
You probably cannot forget this game...

HD version & ADF version:

If you play the game from your hard disk,
simply copy "ultimate-maze" drawer to your hard disk.
Then doubleclick "ultimate-maze" or "um-prg" icon.
The game would be loaded soon.

Of course you can use ADF version, too.
If you are WinUAE user, simply insert ADF file then boot.
If you are CD32+FDD user, first you have to transfer to your own 2 empty

More details:

Video and thread:
Please google as "gloom mod amiga" etc. You can find them easily.
I don't show URLs here because they might be changed in accident.

Japanese version:
Read "how-to-install-jp-version.txt" first.

Thank you for playing!

March 1, 2015
Version 1.0 was released.
March 29, 2015
Version 1.1 was released.
(Dropped sub title. Japanese version becomes available.)
August 22, 2015
Version 1.2 was released. Big update!
Highly recommended to download this version if you are interested yet. 
New status bar.
You don't have to assign anymore.(e.g. gloom3: , ulmaze: )
Upgraded textures:
Reduced transparent part from the outer scenery.
So you don't have to set your screen size smaller when you see outer scenery around an exit of the maze. Improved gory scenes of the 2nd area. 
Now 128 colors are used and it makes blood more realistic.
Edited some sprites of objs. objs/ghost becomes smaller. 
And new sprite file are presented for Spirits.
objs/person&person2 are totally remade. It becomes crueller.
objs/shadow is edited. Their eyes would flash.
Some wall-bugs are fixed. (maps/map1_1, map2_1, map3_7)
You can choose c2p routine even if you enjoy ADF version.
Misc/bigfont&smallfont were removed. It was unnecessary.
Edited misc/gun.bin: You will see "Cheater!" word when you shoot 2nd+ gun.

December 18, 2016  *minor update*
Version 1.21 was released.
This worry had hung on my mind over 1 year..., 
of course, I mean "G" statue of Map3_2.
Now I have fixed it. (Switched "G" statue and "M" statue.)
Don't worry, if you couldn't reach this level and gave up forever, just ignore it. Thank you in advance.