AmigaOS 4: Enhancer Software 1.2 Released

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A-Eon Technology is out with a update to the Enhancer package. The news below is from

A-EON Technology Ltd is pleased to deliver another major update to the Enhancer Software for AmigaOS 4.1 systems. The Enhancer Software version 1.2 package demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the AmigaOS platform. We are pleased to confirm that it is available as a free download from AMIStore for existing registered users. New customers can either purchase a digital download from AMIStore or a buy a boxed CD from selected Amiga dealers.

The year 2016 has been a busy and productive time for the new Team. In May, Enhancer Software v1.0 was released, shortly afterwards in August the v1.1 package was completed and released to the public. Version 1.2 in now the ultimate release of 2016 and represents a snapshot of the complete year’s work by the team.

Enhancer Software Special Edition
For the first time to meet popular demand, there is now a low cost version called the Enhancer Software Special Edition. This is aimed at lower specification and older computer systems that cannot use the RadeonHD, Warp3D Nova/OpenGL ES 2.0. The lower priced Special Edition is identical to the other versions of the Enhancer Software however, CANDI, RadeonHD, Warp3D Nova and OpenGL ES 2.0 have been omitted from the package.

RadeonHD updated with Oland chipset support
In the Standard Edition and Plus Edition, RadeonHD driver has been significantly updated. RadeonHD Oland chipset is now supported which opens up a wider range of graphics cards which can run on the Amiga and run with Warp3D Nova. Oland chipset based graphics cards can be currently more easily obtained at lower costs which we are hoping will encourage more users to upgrade to modern graphics hardware.

Warp3D Nova and Open GL ES 2.0 updated
Also present in the Standard Edition and Plus Edition are big updates to Warp3D Nova (v1.34) and OpenGL ES 2.0 (v1.12). The features supported by Nova have been increased and performance has been boosted which have been taken advantage of by the optimised OpenGL ES 2.0 library.

Utilities updated
Popular applications such as TuneNet have been steadily upgraded over the last few months. Additionally, development resource has been invested in to AmiPDF, Clock, MultiEdit, MultiViewer, X-Dock to keep them incrementally progressing and meeting the demands of user feedback. A “skinnable” Calendar application (based on the new datesheet gadget) has now been added to complement the “skinnable” Clock application from the previous release.

New Prefs applications added
There are now two new Prefs applications added which have been taken and adapted from the forthcoming Enhancer Software OS3 package. The new Sound Prefs combines the functionality of the old AHI and Sound Prefs together and introduces support for multi-channel sound device tests and new sound datatype as well as updating the GUI. The Time Prefs features a modern GUI using the new datesheet and clock gadget classes. The time can even be set by clicking on the hands of the clock and spinning them around!

Gadgets and Classes updated and added
To take advantage of the new gadgets and classes, almost all the software has been transitioned to utilise them in an ongoing rolling upgrade programme.

A-EON would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the team as a whole: the developers, beta testers, translators, graphic artists. Their dedication and enthusiasm to progress the platform has made this release possible. Please check the “credits” section in the Enhancer Software to see a list of the contributors to this project.

What has changed since previous update?
The following components listed have either been updated or changed since version 1.1. Components that have not changed are not listed.

Info Datatype v52.3 (added)
Wav Datatype v53.24 (updated)
Sound Datatype v53.27 (updated)

Gadgets and Classes
Clock Gadget v1.17 (updated)
DateSheet Gadget v1.9 (added)
InfoWindow Class v53.7 (updated)
Time Gadget v1.14 (added)
TickBox Gadget v53.6 (updated)
PieChart Gadget v53.5 (updated)
Select Gadget v53.4 (added)
SliderBar Gadget v53.17 (updated)

Format v53.29 (updated)
NotificationServer v53.66 (updated)

AmiPDF v1.37 (updated)
Calendar v53.19 (added)
Clock v53.20 (updated)
TuneNet v2.6 (updated)
MultiEdit v1.4 (updated)
MultiViewer v2.8 (updated)
X-Dock v0.41 (updated)

ClipViewer v1.10 (updated)
TimeGuard v53.1 (added)

Open GL ES 2.0 v1.12 (updated) **
Warp3D Nova v1.34 (updated) **
ClipView Library v1.10 (updated)

Kickstart Modules
RadeonHD driver v1.20 (standard edition) and v2.21 (plus edition) **

Notification Prefs v53.66 (updated)
Sound Prefs v53.13 (added)
Time Prefs v53.15 (added)