Generation Amiga: AmigaOS 4 Gameplay Videos

Screenshot by Old School Game Blog
Screenshot by Old School Game Blog

Hi everyone,

It’s Monday and time for another look into the world of the Amiga. 🙂

Have you heard about the Online Amiga magazine Generation Amiga? If not, then you should really check it out. They have a great website dedicated to everything Amiga, but they also maintain a very interesting YouTube-channel filled video various Amiga videos.

What I find especially cool is that they have quite a few AmigaOS 4 gameplay videos on there. There is a lot of classic Amiga orientated gaming videos out there, but not so many showing off the gaming capabilities of the AmigaOS 4 platform. Generation Amiga fills an important gap here I think. 🙂

Thought some of you might be interested in checking out gaming on AmigaOS 4, so here’s a few vids from their channel. Hope you like them! 🙂