4-way Clockport Expander at Amiga Kit Amiga Store

Hi guys,

Was just browsing Amiga.org and came across some news concerning a new clockport expander for the Amiga 1200:

Amiga Kit Amiga Store is pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Matthias Muench to supply his innovative 4-way Clockport Expander for the Amiga 1200 computer.

Matthias has created the first Clockport expander which allows up to 4 devices to be connected to an Amiga 1200’s 22-pin clockport header. With such a rich array of clockport expansions available these days, this is a very popular expansion with A1200 users. We are pleased to be able to supply the latest revision C of this expander board.

Amiga Kit has been manufacturing, assembling and commissioning Amiga hardware and software for over 13 years. We have been assembling this product in house to ensure Classic Amiga users have a readily available supply of hardware at affordable prices. We will continue to show our commitment by investing in the Amiga market and sponsor hardware and software development.

According to AmigaKit, the expander will work with the following expansions:

device Port 0 Port 1 Port 2 Port 3
Delfina Flipper yes yes yes yes
MP3 @ 64 yes yes yes yes
Silver Surfer yes yes yes yes
Subway USB yes yes yes yes
RapidRoad USB yes yes yes yes
Prisma Megamix yes yes yes yes
Delfina 1200 yes yes yes yes
Melody 1200 yes no no no
Prelude 1200 yes no no no
VS1011 Card yes no no no

yes = Works, no = Not recognised