SDK update for Amiga DevCon 2017

Work has begun to prepare a new SDK for the upcoming Amiga DevCon 2017 taking place in Sacramento, California, USA in tandem with the AmiWest 2017 computer show.

The DevCon is scheduled for October 19 and 20 so time is short to get a new SDK out and prepare.

The focus is on updating the GCC compiler on up to be able to build binaries for the AmigaOne X5000 and upcoming AmigaOne A1222 models as well as previous AmigaOS targets.

The clib2 C library has already been tackled and now compiles with GCC 5.4.0. A rebuild of GNU make using the updated clib2 and GCC has been completed as well. Here are the locations of the binaries in case you just can’t wait and want to try and roll your own SDK update:

If you have feedback for what should be in the next SDK, please make your opinion known by posting on the support forum in the SDK Support section.

By the way, the current public SDK 53.30 is located on Hyperion’s site.

Steven Solie
AmigaOS Development Team Lead