Stephen Jones: Is the Raspberry Pi the best Amiga available?

Hi guys,

Stephen Jones (ClusterUK) has made a great video showing Amibian on Raspberry Pi in action. He asks the question: Is it the best Amiga available?

My answer is no if you are interested because I love Amiga hardware so I am totally biased 🙂

However, for actually running Amiga software and games it is easily the best price/performance/experience at the moment that I can see.

Of course I did not run a demanding AGA demo on this, and I think the Vampire will wipe the floor with this but for most usage this is a great starter and I hope would encourage people to experiment further with old and more importantly new Amiga hardware.

Here is the link to the Amibien site

Here is one of the companies doing custom Amiga/Pi systems.

Amiga Forever Site