Amiga: CoderAid – Aid for programming demos in Assembler

Hi guys,

Dissident of Resistance has released a great guide for those of you who are interested in demo coding in Assembler.

Here are some of the topics the guide covers:

– Peculiarities of the MC68020/60
– Peculiarities of the chipsets OCS & AGA
– Optimizing & tricks on the MC68000/20/60
– Optimizing & tricks on the chipsets OCS & AGA
– OCS/ECS/AGA and its differences
– Coding on the OCS with upward compability
– Programming the CIA on MC68020 or better machines
– Hardware bugs and their software solution
– Tricks using the Protracker and its replay routines

The guide is available for download on Aminet and you can grab it by clicking on the link below:

Dissident is, for those who are unaware, the author of the recently released Future Balls demo. Read more about it here.