Amiga: Mod2Wav – Convert Protracker module to WAV/IFF/RAW

(Screenshot by Old School Game Blog)

Hi guys,

Martin Cameron has released a neat program allowing you to convert a Protracker module or a single pattern into a sound sample.

Command-line tool for converting a single pattern or whole song
of a Protracker module into a sample. Outputs 16-bit stereo WAV or
8-bit IFF-8SVX/RAW using high-quality oversampling and dithering.
Uses the Micromod engine for good module compatibility.

Full C source-code included, compiles cleanly with DICE and GCC.

Changes since 20180128: Improved 8-bit dithering.
Changes since 20180131: Faster IFF/RAW conversion.
Changes since 20180202: Fix WAV output.
Changes since 20180203: Split function and much lower memory usage.

The tool is available for download on Aminet. Link below.