HC 508 Amiga 500 accelerator available at Alinea Computer Shop

Hi guys,

According to Amiga Future, the HC 508 accelerator card is now available for purchase at the Alinea Computer Shop.

The HC 508 is a accelerator for the Amiga 500 with a fast 50 Mhz clocked 68k cpu, IDE controller, CF slot and 8 MB FastRam.

Key features:

  • 68HC000 CPU running at 50 MHz (100% MC68000 compatible)
  • 40 pin IDE connector for HDD, CD ROM etc.
  • Integrated CF card connector
  • 8 MB Fast RAM
  • 512k FlashROM for Kickstart
  • Intgrated bootmenu for controlling all the above listed features

The HDD read rate is really great: with an IDE HDD it produces 4.8-5 MB/s, while the CF card’s transfer rate varies around 3.2 MB/s.

Here’s a picture of Sysinfo from the computer shop that shows its speed:

Source: Alinea Computer Shop

Source: Amiga Future Pictures: Alinea Computer Shop